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Winter Skin Care for Women: Big Cities, Bad Weather

As we all know, living in a cold weather city can take it’s toll mentally and physically as well. With cold weather comes a whole new threat to the well-being of your skin, so it is best if you take the proper precautions to prevent serious skin damage. Always remember that it is always easier to prevent cold weather skin damage than it is to treat it.
The main effects of cold weather include dryness and breakage. There are certain things you should do that include deciding on your best options, why you avoiding caffeinated drinks, and why hot showers can dry out skin.

Your Best Options

The absolute best option that you can choose is seeing a skin expert or professional. They’ll give you all the tips and advice you need, however, this may be more expensive so you might also want to consider doing the adequate research and finding out for yourself.

You will also want to use tons of moisturizing creams as well. During the day you will want to use light lotion, and save the powerful lotion with active ingredients during the night when you are inside most of the time. By using powerful lotion during the day of extreme cold weather; it can actually do more hurt than help.

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Also, you will want to change the beauty products you use during the winter season. There are beauty products specifically designed for the winter season because of the cold weather. Spring time beauty products are much more different from winter time products, so be sure that you do a fair share of research on what products will help you more during the winter season.

Avoiding Caffeinated Drinks

This may seem pretty harsh, since a vast amount of people drink coffee; especially during the cold weather season. Remember that it is very important that you drink 8 glasses of water during the day. By keeping your body hydrated, you can withstand all of the sweat that may be produced by wearing heavy clothes.


You will want to avoid caffeinated drinks because they cut down on your health. Even if you eat and maintain a healthy diet of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables; caffeinated drinks will still dehydrate your body and cut down on any benefits that the fruits and vegetables give you. The H20 benefits that you receive from coffee will be canceled out by the coffee or caffeinated sodas you may drink.

Avoid Hot Water Showers That Dry Out Skin

You can still take showers in the morning, in fact, it’s encouraging. You do not want to take too many hot showers because they easily dry out the skin. This is even more important if you have naturally dry skin, that will possibly break because of this type of treatment.

Start taking room temperature showers, and even reduce the amount of time that you stay in the shower. By doing this, you can help your skin receive that moisture it needs during the cold weather.

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By seeing an expert, avoiding caffeine, avoiding too many hot showers, and using the best beauty products for the season, you can dramatically cut down on the possibility of cold weather seriously damaging your skin. Some of the good products to use are the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and the Dove Pro-age foaming Facial cleanser. If you have extremely dry skin, you may want to consider the use of Mimyx. Also, if your skin is normal to dry, you should also consider the use of lotions and moisturizers with Shea butter in them. Be sure to avoid mineral oil on your face at all costs!

By following these simple pieces of advice, you can keep your skin safe from the harsh weather treatment for the long cold season of winter. When Spring hits, you skin will be even better than ever.