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The road to good health is just a click away!

The road to good health is just a click away! Learn how to prevent heart disease and stroke as you travel on the Heart Highway. Each stop on your journey will provide you with helpful information about nutrition, physical activity, and other prevention tactics. Learn how to read the road signs (risk factors) for early detection of cardiovascular disease. Prepare yourself and your family for the road trip through life. This web site will help you pave the way.

To ‘cruise’ the Heart Highway, click on blog in the top menu. Stop at any of the locations to learn more about heart health. If your destination takes you to the old hospital in Park City, you will be equipped with information on the prevention of heart disease and stroke. Take the road to the recreation center for helpful hints on physical activity.

If you steer towards the restaurant you must have an appetite for ideas on diet and nutrition. You might want to stop at the newsstand for the latest news and information from the State of Utah and around the world. The old school house in Spring City will send you in the direction of information on the Gold Medal School program and teacher and student resources.