Organic Skin Care Options – Where to Purchase Online

Natural and organic skin care is a big business right now as many consumers look for more and more ways to begin living a greener lifestyle. While natural and organic skincare options are becoming more common, consumers have to do some homework to make sure that they are getting truly natural products and good quality products.

The USDA does not certify organic skin care and so companies do not have to be as honest as to what their products contain and many natural skin care products will contain botanical extracts and essential oils and so all of the ingredients in them aren’t natural, but for the most part organic skin care products are made with organic products.

Noah's Naturals

As many consumers take the advice of others as to what is natural and what isn’t, I recommend that they check out the companies and the ingredients for themselves. With the amount of information that is available to us on the Internet, it should be fairly easy to find out if a company is truly using natural or organic ingredients in their products. While those are being researched, take advantage of the following companies which are held above other companies as being some of the best organic skin care companies around.

Nature’s Gate is a company which provides environmentally friendly products and recycled packaging. This company was founded over 30 years ago and is still finding ways to improve on their products and find new products. All of their products contain all natural herbs. They sell items such as facial, hair, oral, and sun care products, deodorants, and body and bath products.

Noah’s Naturals is a brand that is exclusively sold at Wal-Mart. They offer bath, body, hair and face products that are guaranteed to not be animal tested. This company donates 1% of all sales to environmentally friendly organizations. Nice company, nice products, and one of my favorites.

Kiss My Face is a line of skin care that includes soaps, shaving creams, hair care, shower gels, face care, toothpaste, mouthwash, sun care, and kids items. This company has used olive oil as one of their main ingredients in several of their products over the years.

Juice Beauty is a skincare company that also uses only natural oils and ingredients. This company was founded by a team of women and they use USDA certified organic growers for the juice, honey, and aloe vera in their products, This company also designs their own labels to show that they have distinct purchasing powers when it comes to the ingredients that go into their products.

Juice Beauty

If you care to take a holistic approach to skincare, then you might be interested in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care. Overall, there are many companies out there that you can find that make their skin care with natural and organic products if you know where to look and what you are looking for .

While natural products and organic products are good for the skin and the environment, be sure that the company is practicing good packaging skills by using organic packaging as much as possible.

Looking Good Later – Steps to Preventing Wrinkles in Your 30s

Who would not want to look 45 at 60? Anyone in their right mind would want too. Well, believe it or not if you start now you could be the next super young grandma, or grandpa for that matter. Men are allowed to look young and wrinkle free, too. Here are some simple steps that could help you be wrinkle free when the time comes.

Stop smoking. If you smoke you are not doing yourself any favors. It has been proven time and time again that smoking is bad for you. Even more so it causes wrinkles and fine lines around your mouth and eyes.

Stop smoking

Cigarette smoke is a toxin that you introduce to your body and smoking only makes your skin worse. So unless you want to have the complexion of the Crypt Keeper, you should put them out and keep them out.

Bad food in bad food out, it is a losing battle. If you stuff your face full of chips and French fries why wouldn’t you expect to look like one? All wrinkly like a crinkle cut French fry. Vegetables and fruit are great sources of antioxidants. These antioxidants keep your skin alive and looking good with very little other to be left.

Water, water, water, water the more the better. Keeping your skin hydrated could be one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It is to say the very least that water is and should be number one on everyone’s list of beverages. Keeping your skin hydrated will help to flush out any toxins that may be in your body. From your kidneys to your skin it is one of the best things for you.

Moisturizer with sun block is a must have on everyone’s list. This will keep your skin protected from all the harmful rays that the sun will produce. Sun damage also causes wrinkles, so tanning should be out of the question.

Drink more water
Start your day with some warm lemon water

As for tanning beds they can be just as bad if they are over used or if the cautions are ignored. There are several other ways to get a golden glow with out burning your flesh to the bone. Such as sunless tanning, there are many great products that work remarkably well and do not give your skin the color of a pumpkin.

Being wrinkle free or less wrinkly when your old will make you feel great so long as you head the warning signs for it today. If you are not sure you can stop by your local cosmetics counter and ask around.

Winter Skin Care for Women: Big Cities, Bad Weather

As we all know, living in a cold weather city can take it’s toll mentally and physically as well. With cold weather comes a whole new threat to the well-being of your skin, so it is best if you take the proper precautions to prevent serious skin damage. Always remember that it is always easier to prevent cold weather skin damage than it is to treat it.
The main effects of cold weather include dryness and breakage. There are certain things you should do that include deciding on your best options, why you avoiding caffeinated drinks, and why hot showers can dry out skin.

Your Best Options

The absolute best option that you can choose is seeing a skin expert or professional. They’ll give you all the tips and advice you need, however, this may be more expensive so you might also want to consider doing the adequate research and finding out for yourself.

You will also want to use tons of moisturizing creams as well. During the day you will want to use light lotion, and save the powerful lotion with active ingredients during the night when you are inside most of the time. By using powerful lotion during the day of extreme cold weather; it can actually do more hurt than help.

Moisturizing Cream_01

Also, you will want to change the beauty products you use during the winter season. There are beauty products specifically designed for the winter season because of the cold weather. Spring time beauty products are much more different from winter time products, so be sure that you do a fair share of research on what products will help you more during the winter season.

Avoiding Caffeinated Drinks

This may seem pretty harsh, since a vast amount of people drink coffee; especially during the cold weather season. Remember that it is very important that you drink 8 glasses of water during the day. By keeping your body hydrated, you can withstand all of the sweat that may be produced by wearing heavy clothes.


You will want to avoid caffeinated drinks because they cut down on your health. Even if you eat and maintain a healthy diet of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables; caffeinated drinks will still dehydrate your body and cut down on any benefits that the fruits and vegetables give you. The H20 benefits that you receive from coffee will be canceled out by the coffee or caffeinated sodas you may drink.

Avoid Hot Water Showers That Dry Out Skin

You can still take showers in the morning, in fact, it’s encouraging. You do not want to take too many hot showers because they easily dry out the skin. This is even more important if you have naturally dry skin, that will possibly break because of this type of treatment.

Start taking room temperature showers, and even reduce the amount of time that you stay in the shower. By doing this, you can help your skin receive that moisture it needs during the cold weather.

hot water shower_01


By seeing an expert, avoiding caffeine, avoiding too many hot showers, and using the best beauty products for the season, you can dramatically cut down on the possibility of cold weather seriously damaging your skin. Some of the good products to use are the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and the Dove Pro-age foaming Facial cleanser. If you have extremely dry skin, you may want to consider the use of Mimyx. Also, if your skin is normal to dry, you should also consider the use of lotions and moisturizers with Shea butter in them. Be sure to avoid mineral oil on your face at all costs!

By following these simple pieces of advice, you can keep your skin safe from the harsh weather treatment for the long cold season of winter. When Spring hits, you skin will be even better than ever.