Best Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Sometimes we forget that we need to actively take care of our life if we wish to live a fulfilling and long one. As the saying goes, we’re here today and gone tomorrow. Not all potential hazards are instantly visible, so we must watch out for the silent killers – such as cholesterol. In this article, you will find out what cholesterol is, how to prevent it and what the best natural cholesterol-lowering supplements for men are. If you are ready to take control of your heart’s health in your own two hands, then keep reading!

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a thick, waxy substance that helps your body make hormones and vitamin D, digest food, and build cells. It can be found in our whole body. Therefore, our body needs cholesterol to function properly. However, too much cholesterol can cause serious health issues.

There are two types of cholesterol. LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is the ”bad” kind which can cause a series of health issues. HDL (high-density lipoprotein) is the ”good” kind that transports the excess cholesterol to the liver.

What are the causes of high cholesterol in men?

It is possible to inherit high cholesterol. However, it is not the sole cause. If you have problems with high cholesterol, chances are that an unhealthy lifestyle created them, or at least helped amplify the issue. This means that eating unhealthy food that contains a lot of bad fats, eating a lot of processed food, smoking, and not getting enough physical activity can all endanger your health and put you at risk. Some other factors can increase the chances of you getting high cholesterol, too – weight, age, and even race, for example.

High cholesterol risks in men

 If you have too much cholesterol in your body, it will accumulate in your blood vessels as a buildup of plaque, also known as atherosclerosis. This decreases the amount of blood that can pass through, and can cause arteries to get blocked completely. This can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. You can also experience chest pain (angina).

How to lower cholesterol the natural way?

The best thing you can do to lower cholesterol the natural way is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. First of all, make sure you maintain a healthy diet. This means that you shouldn’t eat food that contains a lot of salt, simple sugars, and trans or saturated fats. Eat some fruit, vegetables, whole grains, tuna, salmon, or tofu instead.

Second, if you are a smoker, consider quitting it for good. Other than being a general health hazard both to you and your environment, it also lowers your HDL (‘’good cholesterol’’). Limit your alcohol consumption as well, or ideally, cut it out completely.

Third of all, exercise and maintain a healthy weight. It is generally good for your heart, but it will also raise your HDL and lower triglycerides.  Less weight also means less workload for your heart and arteries, which is always a good step to improve your heart’s condition. You should also consider taking up meditation or any other exercise that could help you lower your stress levels because that can affect your cholesterol, too.

Finally, don’t forget to consult your doctor. You might need medicine to lower your cholesterol, and the doctor might have some good tips for you.

Best cholesterol lowering supplements    

You may wish to make sure that your cholesterol is how it’s supposed to be, without using any prescription drugs. That is why we will now inform you of what the best natural cholesterol-lowering supplements for men are.

1. HFL – CholesLo

 CholesLo is a five-in-one product from HFL. It helps you lower your cholesterol and improve lipid levels naturally – this means that it contains no harmful drugs. It is also effective, easy and safe to use.

The goal of CholesLo is to not only lower your cholesterol levels but to promote complete lipid health and balance. This means that it has 5 functions: to keep your cholesterol in a healthy range, to give you an optimal range between your LDL and HDL, to lower fatty triglycerides, to decrease Homocysteine levels and to cleanse and repair your liver. Next to these benefits, it also helps reduce inflammation, which can also cause a heart attack or a stroke.

The benefit of taking this supplement is that it’s natural and not a prescription drug. The other benefit is that it helps you improve your cholesterol levels without you having to make very drastic lifestyle changes. The third benefit is that you will see the results in just a few days – this means that you won’t have to take it for an extended period and be left wondering whether it works or not.

CholesLo is made out of clinically researched and scientifically proven ingredients. It is doctor-formulated and medically endorsed, organic, natural, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO.

HFL offers a refund to their customers – if the product doesn’t work for you, they will fully refund you and give you an additional $100.00 to boot! Finally, as far as the dosage goes, HFL recommends that you start with a lower dosage – 1 to 2 capsules at a time – and increase the dosage to the recommended one if your body responds positively.

A bottle of CholesLo contains 80 capsules, which is roughly a one-month supply. Pregnant, lactating women, women trying to conceive, people who are under 18, or people who are taking medications should consult their doctor before taking this (or any other) supplement.

2. Nature Made – CholestOff Original

CholestOff is a product made with a blend of plant sterols and stanols which lower LDL by reducing the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. It is made only with the supplements you need, which means that it doesn’t contain any added artificial ingredients or fillers. The effects and benefits of the product are scientifically researched to prove that they truly benefit you and are safe to use. Finally, Nature Made’s products are made to precisely fit your needs and your lifestyle.

One bottle contains 120 caplets, which is a one-month supply. Adults should take 2 caplets with water at their two largest meals (so 4 caplets total per day). If you are pregnant, nursing, or currently taking any medications, you should consult your physician before using this product.

3. The Genius Brand – Genius Heart

This supplement is an all-in-one solution that benefits men and women of all ages. It can help you counter high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or you can simply take it to boost your general health. Because the heart and the brain are directly connected, this product will boost your mental clarity as well – it will improve your memory, help you fight dementia and reduce brain fog.

Genius Heart contains Pantesin Panthetine which supports healthy cholesterol levels. It is a natural cholesterol-lowering product. Its key ingredient is the all-natural grape seed extract, which also boosts circulation. 

The bottle of this product contains 60 veggie capsules, which is a one-month supply.

4. Now Foods – Cholesterol Pro

  Cholesterol Pro is a supplement that helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. This means that you should consider using this product if your cholesterol levels are already within the normal range. It contains Bergamonte and plant sterols which can help support cardiovascular health, proper blood sugar management, and healthy cholesterol levels.

This product is soy-free, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, halal and kosher. It comes in packs of 60 tablets and 120 tablets. You should take 2 tablets daily with food. It is for adults only.

5. BRI Nutrition – Garlic Extra Strength

This is a supplement whose main ingredient is garlic. Garlic is an effective agent that can help counter cardiovascular issues (high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack prevention), that aids the immune system, circulation, digestion, and cleanses your body. Allicin is its most useful active compound. The product is an odorless, easy-to-swallow soft gel pill that promotes heart and cardiovascular health, helps you maintain normal cholesterol levels and provides detox abilities. It also contains parsley seed to refresh your breath!

 You are advised to take 1 serving daily, with water and a meal. The product comes in packs of 60, 120, and 240 soft gel pills.

More info about cholesterol supplements

What are the benefits of cholesterol supplements?

Cholesterol supplements are easy to take and contain multiple ingredients that are often hard to come by otherwise. Sometimes, these ingredients are concentrated as well, meaning that taking the supplement is more potent than eating the raw ingredient by itself. Finally, supplements can often boost your overall health and even have other positive side effects, like mental clarity.

Which ingredients should I look for?

There are many different products out there and each of them has a unique formula. The most commonly used ingredients are niacin, L-carnitine, plant sterols, plant stanols, and flaxseed.

Do cholesterol supplements cause any side effects?

Cholesterol supplements are non-prescription products that are very diverse. We advise you to check the ingredients’ list of the product you plan on using to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients. Finally, it is always good to consult your doctor, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, or taking other medications.


Cholesterol issues are a serious matter and you shouldn’t take them lightly. If you want to ensure that your heart and veins are healthy, make sure to eat well, exercise regularly, and boost your heart with a supplement. Remember, healthy people have many wishes and desires, but the sick have only one: to be healthy again. Take good care of yourself, and you’re on your way to living a happy and long life.